We're Moving!


Have you heard?! We’re moving!

In less than two months, we’re packing our life into a truck and traveling nine hours to our new home in Wisconsin, land of the cheeseheads.

This move has been a long time coming. At the beginning of this year, after returning from a holiday stay with family, we looked at each other and said, “It’s time.” We’ve been wanting to leave Nashville for quite some time, but the details and timing just never matched up before. In fact, right before we got married, we told our families that we were moving to Chicago later that summer. That was two years ago.

But now, now it’s really time, and we’re going to a place I never expected to end up at. Isn’t life just wonderful that way?

The conversation to move back to the Midwest has been on the table almost since the first day that we moved down here to Nashville, which was over three years ago. While we love Nashville and are so grateful for our time in this city, we never saw this place as our permanent home. Last summer, during a conversation about moving, Joshua mentioned Wisconsin and said, “Hey, what if we moved there?” I laughed and thought never in a million years, because... Who moves to Wisconsin? I mean, does anything ever even happen there?!

Look at me now. I’m selling couches and stuffing sweaters into boxes and looking up reviews on the best winter boots. And everything is just kind of falling right into place. Jobs opened up. My heart changed. Our families are in full support. 

If there is one thing that is constant in my life, it's God's humor at taking all of my "never!" statements and turning them into sweet realities. 

As a young teenager, I said "never!" to college. I changed my mind, and it gave me opportunities I could never have found on my own.

When I met J, I said "never!" to going on a date with him. He's the absolute best gift God has ever given me, and my heart feels as though it might die from suffocation when I think about how much I love that man. 

When I first thought of Wisconsin as my new home, I said "never!" and promptly forgot about it. Well, surprise on that front. I'm headed to the heart of the Midwest, and I couldn't be more excited for all that God is bringing to pass in this new chapter. 

There are so many other parts of life that I said never to at first glance, and almost every single one of them have become my reality. Together they create a life fuller and more meaningful than I ever imagined I would have.

I'm learning that there is so, so, so much beauty in the uncertainty. When we open our hands and give up our "never" mindsets, God often delights us in the most unexpected ways. And when we pause to look backward, it's so evident how each unexpected move and change was just a part of building a more complete self that could continue to step fully into unique purpose and calling.

After all, the Lord will finish the good work that He has started in us. He IS faithful to come through on His promises.

Friend, if there is a "never" that you are holding onto with a tightly closed, clenched fist, would you try opening it just a bit just this once? Yes, life likely won't turn out how you expected, but often on the other side of uncertainty is greater beauty and more purposeful existence than you could ever have with closed hands.

In your corner,
Angelina Danae

Angelina Danae