The Food We Eat: June


The food we eat says a lot about us. So in honor of celebrating all the bits and pieces that line our tables, fill our bellies, and feed our souls, welcome to the first installment of "Food We Eat."

This monthly series will feature simple photographs of celebration that highlight both the simple, mundane, and ordinary plates right alongside the beautiful, ornate, and special dishes that J and I share sitting across from each, sometimes at the table, sometimes on the porch, and often on the couch. Because there’s beauty in a simple sandwich and cold seltzer the same way there is in a platter of cream puffs.

To kick things off, here are just a few photos of the food that J and I gathered around in June, with small little bites of story accompanying them.  


We love tacos but try to cut out meat as much as possible at home. So when taco night comes around, vegetarian it is. And who says vegetarian tacos can’t be good? This version had roasted chickpeas, onion, and green pepper with a ton of garlic, spice, and lime juice. Then each taco was topped with fresh tomato, cilantro slaw, and avocado—fill up my plate!


I have a goal of making some kind of dough at least once a week. One day, after more proofreading than I could handle, I put the computer away and took to making cream puffs. I undercooked a whole pan of them, but the few that cooked through satisfied the craving. It’s true what they say about cream puffs not being good the next day. Share extras with neighbors!


Almost every week we have some kind of variation on eggs and potatoes, usually after a hard workout when we don’t have the energy to make anything too involved. It’s easy and it never gets old. Sometimes we top it with quick pickled onions, a few spoonfuls of salsa, or a couple  fresh jalapeños. Here we added some leftover black beans from the night before, threw it all into a taco shell, and called it a night after a five-mile hike.


Dessert is a necessary regular around our household. I'm still working on my pie baking, so I pivoted to an "easier" option with hand pies. Pros: A tad bit easier to make and assemble than an actual pie. Cons: Because they're so small, it's easy to go overboard. 

Check back next month for more of the food we eat. I'll be sharing a bit more background on what drives us to the table and why the food that we eat every day matters not only for our physical selves but also for our spiritual and emotional selves. 

But for now, happy Friday! May your weekend be filled with delicious plates and sweet memory-making. 

In your corner, 
Angelina Danae