The First Month Away from Social Media

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It's only mid-May, and I know that doesn't qualify a season for summertime just yet, but the nights have gotten longer with porch dinners and late sunsets, and, well, that's enough for me to grab another ice-cold seltzer from the fridge and throw my hands up in celebration. 

As much as I love the coziness and seclusion of winter with its gatherings around the fireplace and padding around the kitchen in thick socks while waiting for the coffee to finish, there's nothing like warm sun on a face to lift a heart. 

I'm well into my second month with no social media now, and I'd like to tell you first: it's been lovely. Yes, I'm still overwhelmed with all that goes on around me, how much is changing, and everything that I've see and learn along the way. . . But instead of sharing it in soundbites and quick flashes on social media, the memories instead live in notebook pages on my bedside table and files on my computer. They live in the conversations that I've had with friends and families, relaying life side-by-side on couches, over the phone, and across tablesconversations that are much sweeter than a quick Instagram like or digital comment. 

It's only been about six weeks, but my life has already shrunk significantly. 

Now, instead of trying to keep up with trends and news, I read more, I talk to my family more, I bake more, I write more, I cook more, I reflect more, I exercise more. And I'm happier for it. 

It's both incredibly freeing and humbling to realize that I am completely unneeded in the social media landscape. And at the same time, I'm realizing how much I don't need it back. When I started considering this whole move away from social media, I was afraid that I'd make a realization like this, that I neither wanted nor needed it. And at the time, that scared me because I was reluctant to let this experiment change me this drastically. 

Yet now, a few weeks in, it's becoming easier to embrace that fact and even revel in it. 

Change is often scary but also often good. Change, even when it hurts, is hard, or presents a reality different from what we had imagined or hoped for, often places us back in step with our calling and purpose. 

So here's to continuing the work in uncovering the calling and the purpose, to embracing change and believing that it will reveal and bring forth greater things yet than what we've seen. 

In your corner, 
Angelina Danae