The Simplest Summer Drink


Winter has a tendency to make us crawl under blankets and hide nearby the heaters and close our eyes, praying for the darkness to pass. And then summer appears on the scene, right on time, every year, like the heroic self that she is.

So in celebration of summer and the joy she brings, here’s the simplest drink you can make to raise a glass to her timely appearance.

All you need is one orange and one cup of fresh pineapple. That’s it. Squeeze the orange into a blender, drop in the pineapple, hit the start button, and count to fifteen. Fifteen seconds later, you have summer in a cup.

Perfect drink in hand, what are you going to make of the next few warm months?

I’m planning on taking lots of trips to the pool, booking a few camping trips, and eating more watermelon that my stomach can hold.

But I’m also trying to take time to pause and gather wisdom from this season. I so often shrug off the winter with desperate glee and rush headlong into summer, forgetting that this bright season can also teach me a lot about my soul, the state of my being, and areas that I need to hunker down into and figure out how to grow.  

See, in the darkness of winter, though it may be long and lonesome, we often have time and solitude enough to spend a few pockets of time exploring our inner selves and discovering the true longings that root deep inside of us, holding a power to propel us forward. All of these discoveries are much too often easy to skip over and miss in the hubbub of summer.

As much as I’m ready for the haze of summer days, I’m not quite willing to lose the intentional reflection that winter often provides. So I’m trying to take a different approach to summer this year. Rather than rushing around and trying to squeeze in every lake trip, vineyard picnic, and cookout possible, I want to pause and let the brightness of summer also call forth soul reflection. It might look a little different, but I think we can still discover it, grasp onto it, and find ourselves.

Like a forest that seems quieter after a slow, steady summer rain, almost as if nature is instinctively bowing its head in reverence with dew and drops draping ever so carefully over it, may we too render ourselves in stillness and worship to the Maker for yet another drink of life. As the whole of the woods pauses a moment to let the weight of glory simply rest undisturbed on its wings, leaves, feathers, and petals, may we too let grace rest heavy on heads as we slowly unravel all the mysteries and complexities that compile our souls and hearts and minds.

Yes, the summer months hold bright beauty, but they also offer quiet truth, though shadowed and hidden it may be.

Friend, your inner workings, no matter how tangled and painful and confusing, deserve to see the light and find redemption. Let’s not rush too fast, nor celebrate too quickly lest we miss the opportunity to exist like a forest after rain, chancing at the coattails of truth as we work our beings into a habit of sitting still.

In your corner,
Angelina Danae