The Food We Eat: September


Fall marches onward, and it finally feels appropriate to crank up the oven and start baking again. This weekend, after a doughy, sugary breakfast of cinnamon rolls, washed it down with strong coffee, and drove 30 minutes to Holy Hill. We hiked a few miles of the Ice Age trail around the beautiful old church with mist dripping through the forest and a deep, full smell of pine and cedar hugging our faces. The trees and the stillness commanded a sort of reverence amidst the gloominess of the day that was pure beauty, and now I only ever want to hike on gloomy days again.


We also let fall take the lead during one of our pizza nights because almost nothing spells out fall like a whole bunch of apples. We topped the apples with goat cheese and drizzled honey over the whole mess right as it came out of the oven. After it cooled for a bit, we topped the pizza with balsamic dressed greens to create the perfect mixture of sweet and salty and creamy.


In the middle of all our fall-based dishes, we ate a lot of our regular dishes, including a chickpea gyro variation with a dreamy tahini dressing, eggs and potatoes with vinegary onions, and, of course, a french onion soup—this time with lentils added to the mix.


September was our first full month in Wisconsin, and every week, we’re discovering new treasures around the city and throughout the country as we check local beers off of our brewery bucket list and search for the perfect trails to hike. I’m looking forward to October with pumpkin carving, trips to the apple orchard, and perhaps even some bonfires.

I hope your fall season is full of adventure and spontaneity and carefree fun.

In your corner,
Angelina Danae

Angelina Danae