Our Annual Review 2017

James Family Annual Review 2017.jpg

It's not QUITE Christmas yet, but Joshua and I just finished our own little "Christmas morning" celebration since it's our last weekend at home before we travel to see family for the holidays. 

In light of establishing our own traditions, we figured we'd actually make our James Family Review an annual tradition. It's our little way of taking a look back at our year together after the floor is littered with wrapping paper and our bellies full of coffee and Christmas pastries—lemon pistachio scones made fresh before the Christmas story reading. 

Last year we said we had a long year of change, but oh boy, we didn't even know what was coming for 2017. This year we've encountered even more change, but it was the kind of change that made our hearts raise with excitement for what's next. So hey, go refill your coffee cup and take a look back with us. 

1. Joshua celebrated his FIRST ever one year work anniversary! 
2. I (Angelina) made two job changes this year, from agency marketing to corporate content marketing to self-employed writer. 
3. WE ADOPTED A PUPPER AND HE'S THE BEST THING EVER (even if he's a jerk sometimes and eats our socks). 
4. We moved, AGAIN. The plus side is that we're in a more peaceful area and no longer hear gunshots and sirens on a nightly basis. 
5. We started our What About Marriage podcast (yes, we've been slacking on it here in the second half of the year). 
6. We went to Seattle and tried ice cold mucus in a shell, I mean, oysters. Gross. 
7. We grew a scoby (twice) and made kombucha, AND WE'LL NEVER QUIT. 
8. We changed churches. As scary as it was, we couldn't be happier about where we are and the spiritual leadership we have. 
9. We've continued our fascination with fermentation and made kimchi. Hello, YES. 
10. As Joshua likes to say, we went and saw our boi. (Which means we went to a John Mayer concert.) 
11. Joshua also went to a concert by himself for the first time. That's right, married people can still be independent. 
12. We both turned...............wait for it.......... A YEAR OLDER. Crazy. 

We can't wait for another year together of trying new foods, traveling to new places, and headbanging at the last ever Warped Tour in summer 2018. 

Our hope in sharing these little details is that you'll also be brave enough to take a look back, review your year, laugh at your mistakes, and celebrate your victories. Take a scone with you, it'll help. 

With all the mistletoe kissing love in the world,
J & A