Staying Sane

Do you ever have those days when you arrive home, fumbling the lock open, shoving the door in, head pounding, desperate to dive into the couch and not move for the next four hours?

All day, erryday.

This was me a few weeks ago: Whenever a difficult day hit, I walked in the door, complaints in hand, ready to bore J with my strategically planned whining of all the reasons why my day was THE worst day EVER. But no one needs that, especially not J.

And let’s be honest, starting off the evening together with the hubs by relaying all the reasons of why the past eight hours were hell doesn’t exactly set the stage for a lovely night.

Let’s talk a little bit about negativity. I am naturally a pessimistic person. You know those people who always give everyone and everything the benefit of the doubt? That has never been me. I assume the worst about most things and people. But y'all... it's exhausting.

Living by a constant stream of negativity beats down the spirit until it’s buried deep beneath all the negative lies that undid it.

So I am trying a different approach. I’m recognizing that bad days are inevitable, but they don’t have to be the norm. And rather than extending the bad day by continually arming myself with negativity, I instead plan for relaxation time.

Here is what the formula looks like currently.

  1. Kick off shoes, discard work bag, promptly change into comfy clothes.
  2. Pour a glass of wine. Right now I’m drinking rosé and Trader Joe’s cabernet sauvignon.
  3. Grab a few good magazines. Right now, I’m obsessed with Life and Thyme and bon appetit. Great writing paired with yummy new recipes? YES.
  4. Cheese. Cheese, and more cheese. Any kind of gouda will do, thank you very much. (Don’t forget the crackers/bread/pickles/fruit.)
  5. Light a candle (or ten). A note about candles: don’t buy the cheap-os from Walmart. Just don’t do it. Getcha ‘self to Hobby Lobby or a boutique shop and spare a few extra dollars for a candle that will actually settle your mood and relax your spirit. So worth it.
  6. Exchange magazines for a book. For creative inspiration, I’m reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and for fun, I’m reading The Hive by Gill Hornby, and to feed my food thirst frenzy, I’m reading How to Eat by Nigella Lawson. Who said you can only read one book at a time?!
  7. Start a cooking adventure in the kitchen. Cooking is one of my favorite ways to detox my spirit and mind, and completely settle into relaxation for the night. Some of the recipes on my “to-make” list include: homemade hazelnut milk, 15 minute lo mein (gimme all the noodles!), and banana berry vegan ice cream.

At 24 years old, I am tired of being unhappy and frustrated all the time. So this is my attempt at taking the bad days in stride with a few lit candles in tow.

Cheers, friends.