Our Annual Review 2016

It’s Christmas morning in the James household. WELL, it’s not literally Christmas morning, but we’re celebrating early before we pack our bloated selves into the car to travel hours and hours to see our families for the real deal.

We’re currently stuffed full of cinnamon rolls and coffee, which will soon be followed by breakfast nachos (piled high with scrambled eggs, black beans and corn, holllllaaa) and mimosas. Because yolo, holidays are for weight gain.

ANYWAY, since it’s our first married (or merry’d, as Joshua wanted to say, #dadjokes, AND NO WE’RE NOT PREGNANT) Christmas, we’ve been trying to start some of our own traditions to celebrate the holiday. Which is where the idea for an annual family review came from. So here goes.

About ten months ago, we got married… to each other (for the record). And that’s obviously been the highlight of the year, because sleepovers every single night. Doesn’t get better than that! But truthfully, we’ve had such a blast learning how marriage works for US, because it’s different for everyone. And along the way, we’ve had incredible support from our friends and family, who we couldn’t imagine our lives without. But we also live hundreds of miles from most of them, so granted, if we lived closer, this might be a different kind of letter.


On a more serious note, we’ve gone through a lot of change this year, and through it all, the lesson that God keeps impressing upon us is that if we don’t give Him room to move, well then, He won’t move. It’s as simple as that, and yet it remains one of the most difficult things to actually live out... Because we know best for ourselves, right?

God knows us better than we’ll ever be able to know ourselves and when we step aside for Him to make the changes that are truly best for us, the result is an even better future than we could have ever imagined. We might not be able to see it right away, but it’s there, being put into motion, being perfected. And in His perfect timing, everything works together for our good.

All that said, we just wanted to pass on some encouragement as we all prepare for the new year. Let God take the reins of your fears, anxieties, wants, needs and everything in between, because He reassures us in His word that He is in control and knows what is best. If you can start to believe that truth in your heart and practice working it into your everyday life, you WILL begin to see His glory shine through.

So, you might be wondering, what else happened this year?

  1. Joshua got a new job. He’s now a technician at an audio tech company. Don’t ask me (Angelina) what exactly he does, because it’s all tech mumbo jumbo to me. P.S. He’s still a snob about coffee.

  2. Angelina’s role changed at The A Group and is now writing full-time. Praise BE. No more client emails or calls.

  3. We started putting together a puzzle like a bunch of old farts, but then we tried to move it and it fell apart so we gave up and the pieces are currently sprinkled throughout the apartment.

  4. We moved, again. But we love our new apartment and we now have an extra room for all y’all peeps who want to come stay with us. The only requirement is that you cook us a meal. P.S. It can’t suck.

  5. We got a record player and have since been obsessed with collecting vinyls. Judge us, we ain’t neva scared.

  6. We completed the Whole30 and discovered that Joshua is lactose intolerant. So that’s been soooooo fun.

  7. We finally gained the courage to step past our fear and start volunteering in our community with People Loving Nashville. Check them out, they’re doing some great work.

  8. We had to stop playing Settlers of Catan because Angelina got legit upset when she lost. True stories.

  9. On a completely separate note, we can also no longer play Phase 10 with just us two. Thanks, Joshua.

  10. We proudly graduated our taste buds from sweet white wine to dry as hell red wine. (Sorry, mom.)

  11. We discovered and now use a wine aerator on the daily, because wine not? (LOL, our jokes are rad.)

  12. We’re currently working on improving our joke game.

Alright that’s enough about us peeps, we’re off to refill our mimosas and cram a few more egg nachos in our mouths. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

With all the mistletoe kissing love in the world,
J & A

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