Hiya, it's nice to meetya

I'm Angelina Danae and I love spending hours making french onion soup, getting lost in conversation over coffee, and having a blanket around me at all times.

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Why I cook & Write

I knew from a young age that I wanted to write. I’d watch adult hands create swirls on pages and impatiently tap along the days until I too could create swirls on pages that held actual thought and meaning.

Then my world fell apart when I was about 12 years old. My family was excommunicated from the Amish church, and we were suddenly forced to re-imagine life without the support of a community that had always been our entire lives. I grew bitter, hateful, and resentful. Even today as an adult, I still withhold forgiveness.

In many ways, our excommunication and departure was a gift. It gave me the freedom to pursue education, to follow my passions, to move away, to lean into writing. But I’m still processing. And I’m only now beginning to separate out the bad from the good, to resurrect the redemptive traces of my heritage flowing through my faith, within the food I cook, and throughout the community I’m building.

This space is a way of processing what’s been, what is, and what’s to come. What’s here is real and often raw, so come with an open heart and mind. My hope in sharing these stories, recipes, and musings is that you’ll find some grace for your own heritage as you build wonder for your future.

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My Other Writings

I admire so many different creative groups and publications, and it's an honor to partner with some of my favorite ones through the sharing of personal essays. Below are a few links from other places around the Internet that I write for.