Hiya, it's nice to meetya

I'm Angelina Danae and I love spending hours making french onion soup, getting lost in conversation over coffee, and having a blanket around me at all times.

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Why I cook & Write

I don’t feel in degrees, I feel in extremes. I am either incredibly giddily happy, deeply sad, or suffocatingly apathetic. I am not patient, I am not gentle, I am not loving. Almost daily, I am confronted by how overwhelmingly imperfect I am and still pride rises up in me and refuses to let me apologize to the people I love most.

But I know that this is not my best self. So I often take to the kitchen to mellow out my emotions, to come up from a spell of sadness, to cook an apology dinner for my husband.

To me, life isn’t full, real life without both food and people. Furthermore, you shouldn't enjoy good food without people, and you can’t celebrate good people without food.

So this space is me reflecting on where I've been, where I'm going, and how I can cook, eat, and serve as much good food to as many good people as possible along the way.

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My Other Writings

I admire so many different creative groups and publications, and it's an honor to partner with some of my favorite ones through the sharing of personal essays. Below are a few links from other places around the Internet that I write for.